De Centrale


Unforgettable discoveries and social contacts

De Centrale, an intercultural centre affiliated with the city of Ghent (Belgium), is a meeting place for diverse cultural lovers. A warm and sparkling plea for a multicultural society.

De Centrale is a “cultuurhuis” (culture house), for everybody who is interested in music, dance and theatre from different cultures.

The “polyvalente ruimtes” (multi-purpose rooms) can be rented for performances, meetings, rehearsals and dance.

In the “leescafé” (the reading cafe) there’s computers with free internet you can use and a lot of newspapers from different countries you can read.

You can go to the “wereldrestaurant” (world restaurant) to enjoy their delicious meals based on world kitchen recipees.

In the “muziekschool” (music school) you learn how to play different instruments from all over the world, like oud, saz, accordion, violin, qanun, bendir and darboeka.