Artevelde University College Ghent offers a wide variety of study programmes to almost 13000 students in the fields of teacher training, economic education, graphic design, health care and social work.

Artevelde University College is a knowledge center for education, research and services, where students and professionals cooperate and develop their talents in a stimulating and internationally-oriented environment. The study programme Bachelor of Secundary Education is involved in the Study Support project.

During the three-year course Bachelor of Secondary Education, students learn the content and teaching methodology of two chosen subjects. There are 23 subjects and 192 possible combinations within this study programme.

Students will be qualified to teach the two subjects in the first three forms of secondary school (general education and technical education) and in all forms of secondary vocational training schools.

Apart from their chosen subjects, all students take general courses such as educational sciences, communicative skills and religious education. All courses are competence-based and include other educational topics such as IT skills and how to deal with cultural diversity.

Teaching practice is an essential part of the curriculum. In the first and second semesters students are prepared for two weeks of teaching practices on campus, by means of micro-teaching, peer-teaching, observation and (self-)reflection. In the third and fourth semesters they practise teaching their two subjects for two periods of four weeks on campus and in placement schools. In the third year each student organises his or her own training programme. This programme includes 14 weeks, 10 of which contain teaching practices. The remainder of the practical training does not take place in schools, but in placements such as business organisations, art galleries, libraries and education-related organisations. During this last part of the practical training, students can participate in the Study Support project under the guidance of lecturers who supervise their work.