Welcome to the Study Support Project!

Study Support Project (SSP) is a European project in which programs are being developed aiming at giving support to young people aged between 14 and 23 who are at risk of early  school leaving or have poor employment prospects.  SSP provides inspirational learning environments through performing arts, music, catering and organization of events, in intensive programs of 10 weeks per group and 3 hours per week in three different countries:

  • United Kingdom, Norwich Study Center – Cooking for Success
  • Belgium, Ghent – Performing for Success
  • The Netherlands, Middelburg – Event organization
  • The Netherlands, Zierikzee – ICT Skills

The programs offer a unique opportunity for young people to discover their competences by taking part in a challenging and realistic project. By November 2014, at the end of the Study Support Project lifetime, the partners will have developed a course model and methodology which can be used by other institutes.

More information on these activities can be found on the local project pages.